Work with Dr. Jessica

Rediscover Your Healing Potential.

Despite how fatigued, overwhelmed and unwell you may be feeling, the truth is: your body was brilliantly designed to heal.

Dr. Jessica honors this truth by taking a mind-body-emotion approach to restoring health. Combining individualized patient-centered care with an integrative approach makes Dr. Jessica's approach truly unique. 

Patients partner with Dr. Jessica in-person at her clinic location in Whitby to resolve specific conditions, symptoms, or to optimize their health.

How To Get Started

Dr. Jessica works 1:1 with patients at her office in Whitby. It is encouraged to book a complimentary 10min Discovery Call with Dr. Jessica to see if her practice style would be a good fit for your health concerns. Call reception at 905.430.5605 to book now.

If you want to learn more about your body/hormones, are ready to make small changes in order to feel more empowered, but not ready to commit to working 1:1 with Dr. Jessica please click below to learn more about joining her private women's health community.

Dr. Jessica ND

What to Expect-1:1 Care

Phase One


  • Up to 60 minutes in length.

  • An in-depth medical, diet/nutrition, and lifestyle history intake.

  • Time and space to tell your story.

  • Analysis of your previous lab work, supplements or medications you are currently taking.

  • A physical exam (as needed): blood pressure, listening to heart and lung sounds, and applied kinesiology

  • Open exchange between doctor and patient - you will have the time and space to have all your questions answered.

  • An understanding of what might be going on! Dr. Jessica will take the time to explain what she has found and how your symptoms may all be connected and treated.

  • An actionable personalized healing plan which may include:

    • Additional laboratory and advanced functional medicine tests

    • Nutritional/diet recommendations

    • Lifestyle enhancements

    • Medical-grade supplements

    • Stress management techniques

  • Recommendations for a follow-up appointment schedule.

  • Initial Consultation Fee: $275  *The initial consultation fee includes time spent with Dr. Jessica as well as time spent reviewing paperwork and conducting research before and after your visit.  Fees do not include lab work or supplements.


How to Prepare for your First Visit

Dr. Jessica’s aim when working with patients is to seek the root cause for their health concerns. In order to make the most of your time during your appointment, please bring the following to your appointment:


Your intake form is completed online and needs to be submitted at least 24hrs prior to your appointment.


If you have had blood work done in the past 3 months please gather copies to bring. Even if you were told that your results are normal, Dr. Jessica will be assessing for optimal levels, not just normal levels.



If you are having an in-person appointment at the clinic please bring all supplements that you are currently taking or that are sitting in your cupboard. During your appointment  Dr. Jessica, will review all of your supplements to ensure that they are are effective (at the right dosages, safe, and appropriate to you). It is a priority for Dr. Jessica to have her patients only take what is absolutely necessary.

Phase Two


  • 15-45 minutes (time varies depending on complexity and your needs).

  • Review and interpretation of any lab work requested on previous visits.

  • A progress-check of your healing plan.

  • Enhancements or adjustments made to your healing plan (based on lab work, progress, symptoms) as-needed.

  • Follow Up Consultation fees are based on time and range from ($65 -$200).

* How often you follow up with Dr. Jessica will depend on why you are being treated. Most patients begin by seeing Dr. Jessica on a monthly to bi-monthly basis until their main health concerns have been resolved. Once patients have achieved a level of health they are happy with they then transition to having appointments on an as needed basis or for their annual health check up’s.  Some healthy people have an appointment once a year for nutrient/functional medicine testing and to check if they are taking the correct supplements. Other healthy patients will book an appointment to help with an acute infection they need treatment for.

Phase Three


  • Acute Care: These 30 minute visits are for patients who need treatment for acute illnesses such as colds, flu, UTI / bladder infection, yeast infections, ear infections, sinusitis. 

  • Lab Review: At any time Jessica is available to review any lab work that you have had done. The length of this visit is determined by the amount of time needed to review and discuss the results. Time will range from 15-45 mins.

  • Annual Wellness Check-ups: Once a year patients are encouraged to see Dr. Jessica for their yearly check-up to ensure their health plan is proactive. During this 75 minute visit with Dr. Jessica she will review your health goals, current supplements, review and explain yearly blood work.

  • Seasonal Reset Cleanse: Twice a year Dr. Jessica offers her patients interested in taking their health to the next level a 4-week personalized cleanse. Components of the cleanse will be guided according to the season (spring / fall) and the level of intensity that her patients want to commit to. Some examples of components of cleanses are; diet changes, supplementation / herbs for liver, intestinal and kidney support, digital detoxing, fasting and juicing

  • Acupuncture: As part of their ongoing care, many patients schedule weekly/monthly acupuncture sessions as part of their self-care routine. These 45 minute sessions help to relax tense muscles, lower anxiety and support relaxation.

Dr. Jessica ND

Initial Visit

(up to 60 minutes)

Adult - $275

Child (2 - 13yrs) - $225

Infant (1 yr & under) - $200

Follow-Up Visits

Range in price from $65 - $200

Other Services

Annual Wellness Check - $175

B12 Shots - $20

Reiki (1hr) - $150


Most extended health insurance plans in Canada cover naturopathic treatments. Naturopathic medicine is not covered by OHIP.

Direct Billing is available.

Intake Forms

Intake forms are completed online. Please complete your intake forms 24hrs prior to your appointment.


Only fill this intake form out if you have booked your initial 60min appointment.

Dr. Jessica ND