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Dr. Jessica works with women located in Ontario, Canada.


The first step to working with Dr. Jessica is to book a complimentary Health Discovery Call.


Dr. Jessica has a limited number of new patient spots per month and the goal of this call is to determine if you will be accepted as a new patient.


Please click here to see if your health concern is part of Dr. Jessica's clinical focus.

If accepted as a new patient to work with Dr. Jessica you must be a resident of Ontario, Canada. The fee for the initial consultation is $350 and is conducted through a secure private and easy to use telemedicine portal. 


Most extended health insurance plans cover naturopathic medicine. Please check with your company what the details are of your coverage. It is your responsibility to understand what your insurance coverage is before becoming a patient.

 If you are ready to invest in your health use the form below to book your Health Discovery Call. You will receive an email after you have booked that you can use to confirm your appointment.

Dr. Jessica ND
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