The Wild Collective

- Where Wild Women Roam -

Sisterhood & Self-Care

You are invited to join us and learn about the transformational power of community, connection

& self care.

Next session starts spring of 2021!!

The Wild Collective

Is a membership program that combines a community of like-minded women

with health education topics, facilitated by a naturopathic doctor. 

Learn about your physiology -> hormones, menstrual power, thyroid, adrenals, digestion, detoxification,  stress and more. 

Connect your symptoms and this innate wisdom to cultivate your intuition.

Our humanity is our willingness to show up vulnerably with self love and collective compassion.  To learn from the wisdom of others and understand the brilliant power that community medicine provides.

This is Sisterhood + Self-care

This is Health + Humanity

This is the Future of Health Care


Our Approach
Women's Health
Various Topics
 Support & Connection
Obtain Wisdom
Share.  Listen.  Learn.
Monthly Goals
Accelerate to the
Next Level
The Wild Collective - Jessica Nesbitt ND



 My Menstrual Cycle

 My Detoxification

  My Digestion & Microbiome

 My Thyroid

 My Stress & Adrenals

  My Breasts

 My Mood

 My Blood Sugar Regulation

  Our Divine Feminine

Learn about your body.  Feel empowered through health education & sisterhood.

Discover the awesome power of the female body and your intuition.


To live the natural life, one in which the creature, has innate integrity and healthy boundaries.


Meet Your Facilitator

I believe that when you feel connected to your body and become divinely aware of your intuition you can advocate for yourself in an empowered way.

Dr. Jessica
Naturopathic Doctor
Functional Medicine Practitioner

Hi! I'm a mom, naturopathic doctor, functional medicine practitioner and community-builder. I am on a mission to help women just like you transform from burnt out to fired up!


But what I see in my clinical practice day after day is women burning themselves out. 


Women who are feeling overwhelmed and perhaps lonely. Feeling like they have to "suck it up & keep going" - in life and in health. I know I have certainly felt that way and I want you to know - you don't have to.

You deserve to have access to healthcare education and a community that empowers you!


I know there are others who share my values, who want to feel empowered in their health, who want to reach their full potential. When community and connection are incorporated, lasting health transformation can be achieved. Join your pack. You deserve it.

Sisterhood + Self-care - Discover your superpowers Cultivate your intuition and empowerment.


A community of like-minded women who meet to connect, learn & feel a part of something significant.


Membership Perks
20% OFF
In-Office Adrenal & Digestive Testing
Metabolic Reset Cleanse
Private Membership Online Portal
Recipe Guidebooks
25% OFF
Professional Grade Supplements
Health Resource Library


Wild & Women

To live the natural life, one in which the creature has innate integrity and healthy boundaries.

Trust your intuition — let it be your inner guidance

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