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Vitamin Earth, Get Your Daily Dose!

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Earthing is a natural process of connecting with our environment that many of us in our modern, fast pace culture have lost. We spend most of our time inside buildings and our homes insulated from the healing power of nature. Then when we do venture outside, we are wearing shoes with rubber/plastic soles that again insulate us. We have lost our connection with nature and in doing so we are missing some amazing benefits to our sleep cycle, immune function, decreases in pain and inflammation.

Earthing occurs anytime that your body comes into direct contact with the ground. This could be done through walking, sitting, or lying down.  Anytime that our skin touches the surface of the earth there is a powerful exchange that happens that can help to bring about positive changes to our health.

How Does Earthing Work?

All living systems have an electrical charge, including the earth, and our bodies. The earth has a supply of free electrons that carry a negative charge, while our bodies tend to a more positive charge, due to the build up of free radicals and exposure to electromagnetic waves, and wi-fi. When we are in contact with the earth, the negative charge helps to ground the positive charge we carry, and we connect to the same electrical energy as the earth.

Health Benefits of Earthing

Practicing earthing can help to de-stress your body and allow for it to begin repairing and restoring any imbalances.  People who regularly connect to the earth report better sleep, feel more relaxed or grounded, and experience improved immunity. Research has been conducted and found that earthing can help with:

· Promoting relaxation, and decreasing the stress response [PMID: 22291721]

· Improving sleep by normalizing cortisol rhythms [PMID: 15650465]

· Decreasing inflammation and improving wound healing [PMID: 25848315]

· Reducing blood viscosity [PMID: 22757749]

· Reduction in pain [PMID: 15650465]

How to start Earthing

Begin by walking barefoot on your lawn or your local green space, even just a few minutes a day can start to help your body come into a relaxed state. Remember that the benefits of grounding happen when your skin is connecting to the Earth or wearing conductive footwear such as leather moccasins. You can even practice grounding on cement because it is conductive. Because earthing / grounding is so important for our health, special products are available such as grounding mats or bed sheets that will allow you to sleep grounded in the comfort of your own bed.

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